Coronavirus and Canceled Races

I have never lived through a time like this. The coronavirus is spreading and so are the changes our country is facing. Some states have already closed their schools, canceled large events, stores and restaurants are also following suit. People out of fear are buying all the hand sanitizer and toilet paper! A lot of people are losing their jobs and hospitals are being maxed out. The Boston Marathon being canceled is honestly the least of my worries. What do we do as runners in times like these?

First of all, keep running! I don’t need to put in the same type of training because my race is canceled but I’m still going to get outside and do some running because it is great for my health (and handling stress) and other people need to see the “sanity and normalcy” of my actions. People can tend to over react and panic in times like these. I was at the store this weekend and you could sense the tension in the air. People were shopping frantically and the workers in the store were stressed and not happy. I know many of the shoppers were frustrated with items being sold out and some of the cashiers were being scolded when it wasn’t even their fault! I think some of these shoppers and cashiers could use a nice walk or run to get their minds off of things for awhile. Meanwhile, if you are in a store or out in public please try smiling at others and being friendly. We could use some kind words and humor in times like these.

We need to keep working (if possible at our jobs) and we need to keep working out! Don’t be afraid to go break a sweat at the gym. It might be good to wipe things down before and after you use equipment. If you are afraid of the gym then you can still do a great workout at home.

Encourage your running friends to keep running too! If you can run with some friends that would also be good for your emotional well being in these uncertain times. Working out helps us get away from all the negative things you might see on social media and hear from others. As runners we are resilient and strong. A strong mind, body, and soul has a much greater chance of surviving trials and tribulations than someone who is weak and easily manipulated emotionally.

Life will go on! Race day will come around again! Meanwhile, now is not the time to hide, panic, act insane, and give up on life. If you are stuck and have to remain at home then make the best of your time. Enjoy the opportunity to be with family, catch up on some projects, do some reading, and if you are like me and love working out…..then don’t stop! Find ways everyday to keep strengthening your body, your mind, and your spirit. Then take that strength and go help strengthen those around you. We will overcome this coronavirus. Like every hard and long workout that I have fought through, there is an end. Keep running!

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