When Things Are Not The Same

So…I haven’t blogged in awhile about training. I have not felt the same. Things have not been the same. My training lately has not been the same. I just don’t have the same “fire, drive, and determination” in my workouts.

The Boston Marathon was canceled and then my second race for the year was canceled due to Covid-19 concerns as well. It looks like there will be no marathon races for me this year in 2020. No chance to chase down a new PR in the marathon or aim for a top 10 finish. I did do a social distance 5k in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’ll admit it was not the same. I ran the race all by myself. I saw no one the entire race because we were staggered in our start times. It just didn’t really feel like a race. More like a serious workout where you were trying to post a good time that would hopefully beat most other times. I did finish third overall but something inside of me was disappointed because I thrive on pressure and I know I could have ran much faster if I was racing with the other two top runners in sight.

I have finally gotten to this place where I realize it is okay that things are not the same. It’s reality that everything going on all around me has been affected by the pandemic and even though I didn’t think it would change my training much it has. Now I have to shift my focus to a new challenge. I have a 100 mile run coming up to raise money for adoption. A 100 mile run sounds crazy right?

Well, I think it is a perfect time for a crazy challenge. Things are not the same and why not a change in challenges and goals. Our family is looking to adopt an orphan from South Korea and that is about a $45,000 cost. We have been doing a few fundraisers and the support is coming in but we have a long way to go. I hope running a 100 miles will not only keep me moving physically everyday as I prepare for this grand challenge but it will also motivate other people as well. There is already interest from many to join me at different points of the run to help pace me and keep me company.

So, yes, things are not the same but I am learning to cope just like everyone else with change. I am embracing that 2020 and 2021 may be very different than years in the past and it is okay to try new things and take new risks. Who knows, it may lead me to personal self discovery like I have way more in me than I could ever imagine. Running a 100 miles will test my strength, determination, and ability to keep fighting. Things are not the same but maybe that an incredibly good thing?

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