100 Miles?

100 Miles? Yep, I am attempting my first ever 100 mile run on October 24th. This weekend I will run 25 miles on Friday and then 50 miles on Saturday as part of my training. The back to back long runs are meant to prepare me for the 100 miler but I know the biggest muscle that needs prepared is my mind.

Every now and then you’ll read an article, watch something on the news, or see a movie that inspires us because of someone else’s achievement. People are achieving new and greater things all the time. Running 100 miles isn’t much compared to the many who have run events or races that were thousands of miles in length. However, for most runners….this is a monstrous amount of miles to attempt in a day.

I’ve always had that itching to run far. Really, really, far. To see what my limits are. I think this 100 miler will give me a better idea of what my true limits might be. Often times we never know because we never attempt to push ourselves way beyond our comfort zone. This run will take me deep into the “pain cave”. The pain cave is a dark and unpleasant place to get lost in for hours but coming out of it could be rewarding beyond words.

My wife and I will be adopting from South Korea. This is the same country I was adopted from over 35 years ago. Adoption has changed my life. Who knows where I’d be, who I’d be, and what kind of life I’d be living now if it wasn’t for the love and support of my adoption family. I want to give a child the same experience and chance to succeed in life.

I am running 100 miles for a little child I have not met yet but hopefully someday they will see that I was willing to endure and fight through each and every mile just for them. Being a parent and living in this world has not been easy. Running reminds me that life is a “grind”. You persevere and give your best each and every day. The only way I finish 100 miles is with the same mentality. I have to persevere and give my best each and every mile. It’s a commitment to run 100 miles and I am 100% committed to adopting and loving someone who needs a forever dad.

Running for me, isn’t all about me. Sure, running keeps me in shape and it is fun to compete from time to time but running has really helped me to become a stronger person with admirable character for the benefit of other people. In order to love and serve others better, running has been more than just an exercise for the body but a training ground for my mind, heart, and spirit. I can’t wait to set out for 100 miles. I know this run could be a life changer for all of those who are supporting me. I wonder what we’ll learn?

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