100 Mile Run Week

It’s HERE! It’s the final few days before my first attempt ever at 100 miles! I have been tapering off on miles and battling a cold at the same time. My hope is to be healthy for Saturday’s ultra test of endurance!

I am super excited but pretty nervous as well. It has been a dream of mine to run a distance like this for quite some time. If it wasn’t for Covid-19 messing up my race schedule and plans this year, this run honestly wouldn’t have happened. With the Boston Marathon canceled and my other fall marathon options, the idea to run 100 miles fit in with my plan to also raise money for our upcoming adoption. The only main concern I had was if I could get enough training in on a short notice. Well, we are about to find out on Saturday.

I will begin my run at 3am on Saturday and try to be done before 7pm. My goal is under 16 hours! A time like this would be really good for ultra running standards and especially for someone who has never run 100 miles before. I need to run around 9:35 a mile or faster. While a 9:35 mile may not sound that fast to some, this does include any stoppage time (like if I go to the bathroom, eat, or just take a breather). Therefore, running faster than 9:35 a mile will need to happen to account for any short stops I will be taking. The second thing you have to think about is just how the cumulative miles wear on your legs, body, mind, and emotions. Running these type of distances are often times accompanied by digestive issues, cramping, blisters, chafing, blood sugar crashing, bouts of feeling nauseas, and a whole lot of other sometimes unforeseen issues.

This is why you can’t panic out there. You also have to persevere through the rough times and know that some better moments will come. Pain and discomfort is inevitable but how you deal with the pain and what you choose to focus your mind on is more important. I will learn a lot about my ability to do this and at what level I am capable of this on Saturday.

I will have a pacer or someone on a bike to assist me for most of the run. Well, for the last 85 miles of it. Their job is to keep me safe, get me things I may need, keep encouraging me, and make sure I don’t do anything unwise. In my most tired moments, I may not be thinking well. Runners can forget to “fuel” or “hydrate” or even get off course. A race like this is possible because there are other people to assist and encourage me along the way. When you think about it, shouldn’t this be how life is? Shouldn’t we be assisting and cheering other people on when they are going through rough patches? Maybe what we are capable of as human beings is so much more if we are there for each other and not fighting against one another.

100 miles is a daunting task! There is a reason why most runners will never even dream of attempting this type of distance. For those that do….so many do not make it the whole distance. Yet, I find myself drawn to the challenge! Don’t I want to know what I am capable of? Don’t I like pushing the limits and exploring new possibilities? Instead of wondering and dreaming, how about I go make it a reality! Stay tuned, because I’m all in on this one. I can’t wait to see what happens, the good and the bad.

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