Goodbye Gym?

For the past few years I have been working out regularly at the local gym. However, the pandemic did cause the gym to be shut down for a long period of time and the recent surge in Covid-19 cases has given me some second thoughts about working out there. Are gyms beginning to be a thing of the past for many?

First of all, I have noticed that depending on where you go to workout they staff may or may not enforce people to wear masks. Secondly, they may or may not enforce people to wipe down and sanitize the equipment they have been using. Some of the more expensive clubs with more staff are enforcing policies better and do have staff wiping down surfaces. However, many of the smaller gyms are struggling to be safe places. Honestly, I think a lot of people are simply not worried about getting infected. I get it, most of us will not die. Some people (mostly the older people) might get very sick and others will hardly have any symptoms at all.

I unfortunately have to think about other people. I have a family and am around older people a lot because of my job. One of my kids struggles with respiratory issues so Covid-19 is something I want to avoid passing on to him. My gym is one of those places no one wears a mask and hardly anyone cleans up after themselves. While I love the diversity of equipment and the social aspect of seeing some of my buddies at the gym, is it really worth working out there right now?

Lately, I have been trying to add to my home workout equipment. Honestly, a lot of people are starting to develop their own home gym. There are some nice benefits from working from home. I don’t have to drive anywhere and this includes on days the weather is really bad. My equipment is also there for my family to use and as my kids get older they do seem to enjoy using it. It also saves on time and membership fees. Lastly, I really have no excuse for not getting some strength training in now because I have the equipment in my house! There is no excuse like “I was too busy to get to the gym today”. I just have to be disciplined enough to use it consistently.

While the gym does have better equipment and it is a great space to break a sweat, there are many ways to get a spectacular workout from home. I am realizing you don’t have to break the bank to get equipment and put your body through a great workout. An adjustable set of dumbbells, some resistance bands, your own body weight, and a few other affordable items like gliding discs, exercise ball, and bench have been a solid starting place for my new strength training routine.

If you have a bigger budget, there are some really neat new systems out there like Tonal. These smart systems give you a total body workout and use data to help you push further in your training. Plus, they are space saving! I am personally looking into a curved treadmill like the TrueForm Trainer. These latest treadmills do not need power to run (saving in electricity). It is a manual treadmill for paces as slow as walking to fast paces like in HIIT training. This means you can run as fast as you want on these curved treadmills. The TrueForm also forces you to run with good mechanics and form. The research shows that these treadmills are harder since the belt is self propelled and most of these treadmills are said to be maintenance free! The running belts usually last at least 150,000 miles before needing to be changed. On my old treadmill I had to adjust the belt and add lubricant to the running deck every few weeks.

Goodbye gym. I can’t say that I’ll never buy a membership again but for now I choose to workout from home as much as possible. Seeing that I am not a professional body builder or athlete, I don’t really need all the best and top workout machines and equipment. While some people will always prefer going to a local gym, I do believe home workouts can be just as productive for me if I plan it out well. If you are considering workout out from home, don’t be afraid to make the leap! Honestly, you can workout from anywhere at anytime! Don’t give up on your goals!

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