My stubborness as a runner

I had it set in my mind that I was going to run a high mileage month for March. What I didn’t expect was an injury. I had just put in 143 and 155 mile weeks. I was feeling confident about a 161 mile week but my body had a surprise waiting for me. Everything was great on Monday through Wednesday but Thursday came. By the end of my run on Thursday I noticed some pain coming from my hip and buttocks area. What was it?

I have not seen a doctor. My guess is it is a piriformis muscle problem? The piriformis muscle is very close to the sciatic nerve. Friday’s long run was painful! It took 20 miles of running before I felt okay. I suppose most runners would have never run at all but I am not like most runners. I am stubborn! I hate losing a day of training!

It has been a week now. I have taken zero days off. Every morning my running starts of painfully. Very painfully! In fact, my first few miles are slow as I hobble along, sometimes losing my breath as a wave of pain hits my lower back and hip region. The slowest miles of the year have been run this week. I find myself taking Tylenol (which I rarely do), stretching a lot, foam rolling, massaging, taking CBD, and doing everything else I can think of to help with the pain and healing. Yet, maybe the best thing I could do is take a few days off……nope. I won’t do that. I am stubborn!

Will I still make it to 140 miles this week? Probably. I am stubborn as hell! I would never advise any of my athletes that I coach to do this, so why would I? I’m stubborn. I suppose I’ll stop if things only get worse? Maybe I want to see what happens if I keep running. Can my body heal, recover, and adapt? I mean, I’m not running any fast workouts for now. Everything is slow and easy. I’m even breaking up some of my runs into smaller runs and then running multiple times a day. Lastly, I’m working on my mental toughness. Ultra running is painful to begin with.

Today things seemed to be better than yesterday but I can’t be certain. I’m sure my demise as a runner will be something related to my stubborness. At least I’ll go out knowing I over did it and over reached than didn’t do enough. I love pushing the limits and I don’t run everyday because it feels good. I always expect pain but I know I need to be wiser when it comes to injury prevention. Sometimes I need to just take a day or two off. Maybe a week of rest would be good? Well, I’m actually getting that next week when I go on vacation. Almost there, just need to push through the rest of this week. So, how will my stubborness pan out in the next few weeks? I’ll soon find out.

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